Survey: Americans fear socialism more than death

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2010, August 12 -- By Alastair Thackery


"Socialism" has become the number one fear of most Americans, with "death" slipping to second place, according to the results of a recent survey by FE Research Group.

"This is not a condemnation of socialism, but merely a product of American jingoism infiltrating the minds of the disgruntled masses," said Dr. Kirby Raskolnikov, professor of political science at Smetana University College. "The majority of Americans still confuse xenophobia with patriotism -- they allow the irrational fear of foreign governments to dictate their political views."

In the survey, Americans were asked to list their top ten fears and then indicate whether or not they believed each fear influenced their voting record. Over two-thirds of those surveyed said fear of socialism was a determining factor in voting for local and state politicians sponsored by the Tea Party Movement, while nearly half of respondents said socialism was the political affiliation shared by Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Barack Obama. Another twenty percent indicated Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden were also socialists.

"As the economic crisis worsens, many Americans are scared and the right-wing political machine has taken advantage of their fear and named it 'socialism'," said Vlad Lennon, political commentator and author of the bestselling book Poor White Cash: The 21st-Century Credit Crisis. "At this junction, I doubt most disaffected Americans know anything about socialism or government in general. For them, taxes are synonymous with communism. Apparently, they expect governments to function without taxing citizens, yet somehow provide safety, security, finance wars, and maintain everything from public schools to the basic infrastructure of the nation."

Following "death" as the second most common fear, "evolution taught in public schools" was third on the list of top ten fears. In fourth place, "free healthcare" was another new addition to the list, adding to the growing dissatisfaction of many Americans who fear the ramifications of providing medicine to the poor, sick and dying.

"A substantial number of Americans are completely against any attempts to provide free or low-cost healthcare to the poor," said Dr. Deepak Chowdry, who runs a free clinic for the homeless, recently evicted, and soon-to-be foreclosed. "I don't understand why so many Americans want the poor to die from treatable illnesses. Access to healthcare is not socialism: it is a human right."

"Favorite sports team loses championship" and "gasoline prices" held the fifth and sixth places on the list, respectively. In seventh place, "repealing gun rights" maintained its usual place on the list as one of the most common fears of Americans, while the fear of "legalizing abortion" slipped to eighth place.

"Well, with that fuzzy math, it might seem like Americans are more concerned about losing their guns than their unborn babies," said Buck Broman, Tea Party activist from Texas. "But we here in the Tea Party see the issues as one in the same: we need them guns to protect our daughters from those abortioners."

In ninth place, fear of the "de-Christianization" of American society revealed the concerns of many respondents who felt embattled in a nation losing its faith. Forty percent of those surveyed also said removing "god" from the US currency would be considered a hostile act worthy of civil war, while another thirty percent said refusing to recite "one nation under god" is an act of treason that deserves to be punished.

Finally, the tenth most common fear of Americans, "big words", was not a surprise to high-school English teacher Kevin Krikorian. "Literacy in the US is at an all-time low," Krikorian said. "Most of my students do not know the difference between a 'socialite' and a 'socialist'. Some of them actually think Paris Hilton has a political affiliation."

The Top Ten Fears of Americans, 2010:

1. Socialism
2. Death
3. Evolution Taught In Public Schools
4. Free Healthcare
5. Favorite Sports Team Loses Championship
6. Gasoline Prices
7. Loss of "gun rights"
8. Legalization of Abortion
9. de-Christianization of Society
10. Big Words


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