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Dihydrogen Monoxide

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Guest blogger Dr. Julia Felcher, Intelligent Design researcher with New Life Christian Ministries contributes the following article ...

Dihydrogen Monoxide: A Deadly Poison

Every year, millions of people are exposed to the chemical dihydrogen monoxide, a dangerous substance which is mostly unknown to the general population. The following is a list of facts about Dihydrogen Monoxide:


- Dihydrogen monoxide is used as an industrial solvent and coolant in nuclear power plants.

- Dihydrogen monoxide is a corrosive substance and the primary chemical found in "acid rain".

- Dihydrogen monoxide is used in the manufacturing of styrofoam.

- Dihydrogen monoxide reacts with heat and can cause severe burns.

- Dihydrogen monoxide contributes to the greenhouse effect and destroys the environment with soil erosion. Fragile ecosystems are often contaminated with this chemical.

- Dihydrogen monoxide is a chemical used in pesticides. Unfortunately, the chemical continues to contaminate fruits and vegetables even after washing.

- Dihydrogen monoxide is fatal if inhaled. Thousands of people die every year from accidental inhalation of this poisonous substance.

- Dihydrogen monoxide is used as an additive in food and beverages.

- Most homes in the United States are contaminated with dihydrogen monoxide, and children are regularly exposed to high levels of dihydrogen monoxide inside the home. Experts say children should avoid unsupervised contact with the chemical.


- Dihydrogen monoxide is often found inside cancerous tumors.

- Consuming large quantities of dihydrogen monoxide can be fatal.

Everyone must do their part to limit exposure to this dangerous chemical, such as only buying "green" products that do not contain dihydrogen monoxide. Please check product labels carefully and contact consumer organizations in your area for more information.

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Guest blogger Bobby Joe "BJ" Hawkins, Tea Party Activist, unemployed mechanic and member of the Southern Patriot Militia contributes the following article ...



We need the Tea Party! Why? Cuz this country is going to hell in a wastebasket. First, them liberals put that colored man in the white house. Third, he done wrecked the economic stabilizers of America -- must be cuz he's from a poor country like Africa. And finally, the godless socialisms are forcing Jesus to turn his back on America.

The Tea Party ain't just an option, it's our only hope! I reckon Miss Palin is right -- these be the End Days after they put the anti-christ in the orville office. How'd they ever get an African electored? Why would any Christian American trust a Black Muslim with the nucular weapons?

Them liberals are the ones to blame. They be the ones who want to marry homosexuals and have blacks run the show, and I can tell you us in the Tea Party ain't gonna stand for it no more! Them liberals are hellbent on liberalizing American schools and turning our kids into satan-worshipping, queer-loving, organic-eating little monsters. That's why we have the Tea Party to stomp on all them liberal snakes poisoning America. And while they're getting at it, the Tea Party ought to stomp on them Jew Bankers too.

In these tough economical times, how can Americans afford to have a reckless governmental system with Democrats stealing your money and using it to fund healthcare for gays and lesbians? The Tea Party don't want no gays or lesbians to have healthcare! As vice president Palin said, "We ought to have a gay tax and use the money to pay for healthcare." What's next, the liberals will demand healthcare for animals? It be a slippery slope.

This country was floundered on Christian principles -- the laws of Christ and the ten commitments are how we rule this land. Christian laws, like defending yourself with deadly weapons, are what we're all about. But you know Barack Osama and the liberal conspiracy wanna take away our right to bare arms? Well, I tell you the Tea Party supports the NRA and vice versus, so don't you worry yourself -- America will always be a gun-loving nation! The Tea Party will keep guns in the hands of good Christian folk.


The big banks got their bail-out, but the Osama administration never paid my bail. Instead, they taking money out of the pockets of veterans and giving it to abortioners. They can't wait to get their bloody hands on our money and use it to kill more unborn children. The Tea Party knows all life is sacred and a woman's womb belongs to Jesus.

Us here in the Tea Party know we will do whatever it takes to make America strong again. We ain't gonna be scared no more. The Tea Party is just gonna reload. And reload again. And again. Until we run out of ammunition. God Bless America, and God Bless the Tea Party!

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